Training and development

Learn and develop yourself.

At Tesco, we’re happy to see people develop themselves and learn something new. Doesn’t matter if you want to grow in your career or just want to be better in your job. We have a learning solution for everyone.

We have a few principles which reflect
our learning and development vision:

Our colleagues are responsible for their development and actively search for new learning opportunities. We’re here to maximally support them.

Your line manager is a crucial person in your learning and development journey. Our managers are ready to support you with gaining new skills, knowledge and experience.

Everyone is different, that’s why the learning and development activities should differ as well. Our huge range of solutions help us with this commitment.

We have a huge range of learning offer which is a mixture of formal learning, gaining experience and learning from others.

Development is a practical thing, not theoretical.

How we learn.

Did you know, that there are 3 ways of how to learn something new?

Through new Experience

while you’re doing your job, shadow others, experience something new, taking part in projects.

Through Others

talk to and listen our colleagues who’re real experts in their area. You can have your Buddy, mentor or just meet others and learn from their experience.

Through formal Education

visit our trainings, read articles and books, go through different e-learnings.

What kind of learning and development opportunities you have?

Internal trainings led by our trainers, managers or experts

E-learnings and digital solutions of learning

Mentoring – choose your mentor and learn from him/her

Learning Newsletters

Development programmes for specific groups of colleagues