How we help

How we help.

“Every little help makes a big difference” is one of the core values of our business. It covers the little things we do every day in the thousands of communities around the world where we operate and also shows how we contribute to the bigger global initiatives in which we are involved.

All initiatives and activities to support local communities, help our customers make healthier choices and make sure no food that could be eaten is wasted can be found here.

Our initiatives.

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Tesco Angel.

is assistance for colleagues, which consists in obtaining funds in the form of a public fundraiser and contributions from colleagues who decide to contribute a voluntary sum of money. Tesco will always double the amount collected. The funds are then redistributed to applicants who find themselves in a difficult life situation.

Leader in the fight against food waste.

Tesco was the first retailer to actively combat food waste in Central Europe and is committed to reducing food waste from its stores and distribution centers. Therefore, every year we publish data on the basis of which we know that we are doing well on our way.

Tesco Careers
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You choose, we help.

We organize the program “You decide, we help” in all countries of Central Europe and thanks to its local focus has become very popular. The program motivates customers to vote for local projects that they consider most beneficial to their community. We organize this grant program twice a year. Our customers can support a project from their region, which Tesco will subsequently support with a financial grant. Customers decide on the amount of the grant with their vote in our stores – Tesco distributes grants in each edition in the amount of € 1,300, € 600 and € 300 for up to 231 projects across Slovakia. During one edition, we will support projects with a total amount of almost € 170,000. During the financial year 2019/20, we organized the 6th and 7th editions. Since the launch of the grant program, Tesco has supported local projects throughout Slovakia with a total amount of almost 1 million euros.

Volunteer programme.

As part of the volunteer program, all our colleagues have the opportunity to support any non-profit organization or civic association in their area.

We provide colleagues with one day of paid leave, which they can use to help their local community. Everyone decides for themselves which organization they want to help in their surroundings. Each colleague chooses whether to participate in helping the Food Bank of Slovakia, cleaning the surroundings, painting in a retirement home or will help, for example, in a local animal shelter.

Last year, many of our colleagues from the shops, distribution centers and the central office took the opportunity to help their community and worked a total of 2,445 hours as volunteers.


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We have been recognized for our corporate responsibility work by receiving different awards over the past years:

We received the prestigious International Business Awards in the Social Responsibility of the Year in Europe category for our work in the field of combating food waste.

For our unique educational approach, we received the prestigious European Comenius EduMedia Award in the Media and Adult Education category.

Our grant program "You decide, we help" won the European award from PR Daily s.

We advanced to the finals of the Via Bona Slovakia award, which is awarded by the Pontis Foundation for the most responsible companies in Slovakia with two nominations - Responsible Large Company and Good Community Partner.

For our approach to managing the foundation and supporting communities, the Tesco Foundation received the Transparent Corporate Foundation certificate, which is awarded by the Association of Corporate Foundations.

We have obtained the SmartHead sustainability certificate.